Energy Science Rules

/Energy Science Rules

Energy Science Rules


1. Don’t look into the eyes of other people, especially the ones unknown and the known Negative people.

2. Avoid using the mobile phone on the left ear. Always use it on your right ear.

3. Never go out of the house without wearing the protection jewelry.

For ladies: All your jewelry should have been energized by you in an Energizing PyrAmid so you can wear whatever you like to wear but do wear at least a pendant around your neck and a bracelet or watch on the left wrist and a bracelet or bangle on the right wrist.

For gents: Wear your watch on the left wrist and a pendant around your neck.

In case you prefer not to wear Jewellery then have at least one Protection PyrAmid on which your name is written at home.

4. Minimize your exposure to P and M category people and places where the Vastu is Negative or where a large number of new people are gathering even for any necessary, proper and legitimate purpose.

5. Avoid eating stale or infected food and incompatible food combinations.

6. Avoid all Negative thoughts without discussion even if the thought is about a reality of life.

7. Practice Internal Spiritual Meditation as taught in Radhasoami Satsang everyday at the same time and the best time being between 3 to 6 a.m. However if for some reason you can’t practice meditation at the best time, then practice at any other convenient time but do practice meditation as regularly and religiously as you are breathing and drinking water. For the life after oxygen and water Meditation is necessary.

8. Learn and practice Pendulum Dowsing for identification of the Negativities affecting your happiness in life.

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