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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Every Living System survives on a continuous input of Energy from its environment. We take our food from other life forms. Each life form in turn derive their food from different specie. Life exists upon this Earth because of intricate and complex food chain.

Apart from Food, life also depends upon Solar Energy (Heat), Oxygen (Gaseous Energy), Water (Fluid Energy), Magnetism and Gravity (Earth), and Cosmic Energy (Space). The 5 subtle Tatvas or energy forms.

Vastu Shastra (Energy Science) tells us how best to arrange our affairs and life style to obtain optimum happiness (harmony).

An Energy System continuously emits energy waves through which it inter-acts with its surrounding Energy Systems. If the Energy Force Field with which it inter-acts is Positive, its Energy Field will be supplemented with energy, else it will supplement the other, itself undergoing strain and fatigue or energy depletion.

If you eat decomposed food, (Negative Energy Field), you will not gain nutrition available from food and may get sick. Similarly all other Energy Systems affect us – be it our clothes, furniture, building, etc.

Exposure to Negative Energy Force Field gradually causes stress, tension, and fatigue, dis-proportionate to our activity and situation in life. i.e. when you have worked for say 8 hours, you will be tired as if you have worked for say 12 hours in a day. Increased stress, tension, and fatigue, will cause energy depletion and symptoms of dis-ease, ailments, and dis-orders, in that organ or organ system, which is weak to begin with. When you consult a doctor he will be treating the symptoms and not the root-cause, about which he is totally unaware.
So we find that all dis-eases, ailments, and dis-orders, (Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Cold, etc. etc. etc.) are virtually incurable and you become drug dependent for life.

Even if the dis-eases, ailments, and dis-orders, are genetic, or due to an obvious infection or injury, the Negative Energy Force Field will cause retardation in the healing process.

Energy input through all our 10 senses affect us and the study of these effects is Vastu Shastra (Science).

Pendulum: A reasonably heavy object of any shape, size or material tied to a string or chain of any size or material is a pendulum.
Dowsing (Querying): Interpreting the movements of a pendulum in response to an energy field, of a person, a place, or an item, to seek information about that energy field, is known as Pendulum Dowsing (Querying). Dowsing (Querying) is a science and an art. It bridges the gap between our intuitive and analytical self.

Applications of Pendulum Dowsing: We can find answers to any of the questions between the core of the sun and the Core of the Earth, by Dowsing (Querying).

In the last 15 years there has been an explosion of possible uses for Dowsing (Querying). One can obtain any information existing in the world. The most common daily uses of the Pendulum Dowsing (Querying) are as follows:-

Diagnostics: Zero Error Pendulum Dowsing system can accurately diagnose the causes of diseases and symptoms of a patient. Besides diagnosis it is also possible to find out the best cure available to remove the root cause of the problem

Energy Scanning (Analyzing your Vastu/ Feng Shui/ Geomancy): It is possible to measure the quantum of Energy of any premises, no matter where it may be with Pendulum Dowsing. We can pin point exact locations where the energy blockages exist. Pendulum Dowsing also helps to find the correct remedies which need to be carried out for rectifying the blockages in the energy field. (It effectively helps in rectifying all your Vastu / Feng Sui / Geomancy problems and negative energy fields).

Healing: We have developed special Highly Polarized Pendulums for providing Teletherapy (Distance Healing) to patients. It is possible to balance out different charkas of the body and remove energy blockages from the system. It is gives excellent pain relief.

Business Applications: We have helped over 2500 Business Organizations to turn around their business by accurately pointing out the problems existing in their organization and their root cause. Dowsing helps in taking the right decisions and implementing them in the best manner and in the most cost effective way.

Besides this Pendulum Dowsing has large uses like finding lost items, locating missing people, finding underground water, Career Analysis, Choosing your best Career, Finding your suitable colours, gem stones, cosmetics, Find out compatibility between partners, Marriage proposal analysis, Find out your IQ levels etc.

In truth the application of Pendulum Dowsing can only be limited by our intelligence and imagination.

Dowsing is knowing the unknown. Everyday in our lives we have to take decisions, make choices, and take actions, in a variety of situations – covering our personal life, business or occupation, social aspects, political issues, religious matters, health, etc. Most of the time we have no or very little information about the subject of our decision. We have no time to make inquiries and take an informed decision. We are often guided or induced by our prejudices or the opinions of others around us who in turn have very little knowledge about the subject. But they claim to be all-knowing – and they appear to be our well-wishers. Thus very often our decisions are wrong. This results in our loosing money, health, peace of mind, opportunities, rewarding relationships, self-respect, and confidence.

Pendulum Dowsing provides information that will enable us to know the true reality (as opposed to the apparent) pertaining to the subject of our enquiry and therefore let us take an informed decision.

We know that very seldom, the apparent is real. If that were so, there would be no cheating or fraud in the society. Most often the cheats masquerade as saint and the saint is condemned or hanged.

The Pendulum functions by responding to the Energy Force Field of two or more Energy Systems. Anything freely suspended and capable of responding to a force is a Pendulum. E.g. Wind and water currents in the Northern Hemisphere go clockwise and in the Southern Hemisphere they go anti-clockwise. Wind and Water particles respond to the Positive North Pole and the Negative South Pole. Through the Positive Pole of any Energy System energy waves are emitted out in clock-wise spiral motion and through the Negative Pole of any Energy System the energy waves are emitted in an Anti-Clock-Wise spiral. These waves create Positive and Negative Energy Force Fields. The wind and water particles and the Pendulum in response to these Energy Force Fields and go Clock-Wise or Anti-Clock-Wise as they are freely suspended and are capable of responding to these Energy Force Fields.

The Pendulum System is as scientific as any other science. The difference between science and mysticism is only our own understanding. If we understand it we call it science. If we don’t understand it we call it magic or mysticism. There is no such thing as magic or mysticism. We merely express our ignorance by using such terms. A magician has understood and mastered some phenomena or law of Physics or Chemistry or Energy Systems, which his audience is unaware about. So his act is considered magical. If you understand the same and master the same by training and practice the same no more seems magical.

There is no real difference between the Pendulum Dowsing and Divining with the use of the Pendulum. The term divining was used by people who believed that using of the Pendulum involved some divine powers or guidance by the Divine. The term Dowsing was used by those people who believed that the Pendulum bridges the gap between the intuitive and the intelligent or rational brain of a human being. We use the term Pendulum Querying System as we believe that the Pendulum responds to the Energy Force Field of the subject or object of enquiry and thus merely reveals the present condition of the Energy Force Field in terms of Positive or Negative state of its Energy Force Field. So the Pendulum provides information to our queries.

In fact all the terms are equally applicable and valid. It depends upon what you are doing with the Pendulum. If you are in fact divining – i.e. you are communicating with The God within you, by using the Pendulum as a tool – just as people do when they visit the temple. They communicate with the God within by using His idol as a tool – then you are in fact divining.

If you are in fact bridging the gap between your intuitive and rational being by knowing (gnowing) what is the response of your own sub-conscious mind, then you are Dowsing.

If you are in fact finding out information about Energy Force Field of someone or something without communicating with the God or involving your sub-conscious then you are querying or retrieving or managing existing information.

So, it all depends upon what in reality is being done, by a Dowser or a Diviner or a Querist. Confusion arises because of use of one term for all the Pendulum users irrespective of their actual nature of activity.

Here I will refer to accuracy of querying by using Pre-Energized Pendulum Querying Systems. Like any other System if the Dowser (Querist) makes no mistake then the results would be 100% accurate 100% of the times. Pendulum Querying System has its own rules of operations and they have to be learned, and practiced for perfection. Just as 600 students who might have received education in the same Medical College do not become equally reliable Doctors – all Dowsers using the same System may not obtain equal accuracy unless they all follow the same procedure of Dowsing (Querying).

In a Computer System all keys do not activate the same function. The one who knows the functions of all the keys would operate the Computer with greater ease and obtain better results. Similarly in Pendulum Querying System the one who knows all the rules, and follows the same, will obtain better results – i.e. greater accuracy.

Pendulum Querying System developed by Daya Dhaar Self Care Center offers indications by certain peculiar movements of the Pendulum, to draw the attention of the Dowser, in case of any mistake by the Dowser, thus preventing the chances of any mis-interpretation and mistakes. This makes Pendulum Querying System of Daya Dhaar Self Care Center the first and the only one in the world as of now, which has ZERO ERROR capability. It is Menu Driven through 32 Dowsing or Querying or Option cards or charts which act as an interface between the Pendulum and the subject or object of enquiry – making the interpretation very easy and chances of making mistakes very difficult.

We have a large number of Dowsers using Pendulum Querying System who consistently obtain 100% accurate answers 100% of the times.

Yes – the Dowser can discover any information about anyone or anything without regard to the distance between him and the subject or object of his enquiry. The nature of information that can be discovered ranges from all our physical, mental and spiritual needs BUT EXCLUDES questions relating to death, horse racing, lottery tickets, etc. No future prediction can be done by Pendulum Querying System or Pendulum Dowsing.

Mysteries of nature are best studied by Pendulum Dowsing. All well known scientists and naturalists (Gallileo, Einstein, etc.) regularly used Pendulum Dowsing.

The Pendulum which gives you 100% accurate results 100% of the time is best for Dowsing. The Pendulum can be of any material, size, shape, or colour. It will work as a Pendulum irrespective of anything. Anything freely suspended and capable of responding to application of physical or subtle force, is a pendulum. But if you want 100% accuracy – then you must have a pendulum that is Pre-Energized and use it with Querying-Cards that are also Pre-Energized so as to eliminate all external and internal interferences.

At Daya Dhaar Self Care Center we use and recommend Pre-Energized Nickel Plated Copper Pendulums with Pre-Energized Nickel Plated Steel Beads Chain of 11″ length for the 1″ diameter Spherical Pendulum and 9″ length for the 1″ long Bullet Pendulum for obtaining 100% accuracy. However, the size, shape, material, colour, and Pre-Energizing Process are all inter-related and purpose oriented.

If the same pendulum was not Pre-Energized then its chain would have to be of 30″ length for equal accuracy. It would be most inconvenient and impracticable to use a pendulum with 30″ long chain. People using shorter chains without using Pre-Energized pendulums cannot obtain zero error results.

We all make several important decisions concerning our lives at home and at work every day. Some irreversible decisions are taken virtually once in a life-time (marriage, business).

Every time we are required to choose our option, or take our decision, or provide our response, – we do so, by processing, only SOME of the information made available to us, totally ignoring some VITAL information because of our prejudice, and BLINDLY relying upon the quality of advice and opinion of our associates who might have their own prejudices and vested interests.

We NEVER EVER have all the necessary and correct information about anything or anyone at the time when we have to decide and commit our time, attention, energy, money, or other valuable resources. Consequently, we often go wrong and our own earlier perceived to be well considered decision lends us in serious difficulties or losses or extremely painful situation in life (e.g. marriage, business).

If we take our decision AFTER creating our options by use of Pendulum Querying System, and AFTER analyzing our choices by use of Pendulum Querying System, we would have had the benefit of processing all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision. There is no question now of our decision being wrong or erroneous. No question of our getting in to a difficult or un-foreseen situation.

You can marry the person who is most compatible with you.

You can plan your parenthood and practice birth control with ease and mental peace.

You can choose the best hospital and doctor for delivery of your first baby.

You can monitor the health of your pregnant wife and baby from conception through pregnancy, and during and after delivery.

You can choose the best affordable clothes, toys, food, medicines, etc. For the baby.

You can find out the cause why the baby is crying – stomach problems? Viral infection? Food infection? Teething troubles? Bed-wetting? Diaper rash? Just Thirsty? OR wanting mother’s attention or wants to play?

You can choose the most suitable school for your child.

You can find out the I.Q. of your child and the subjects of his interest or weakness.

You can find out if the child has exposure to bad association at school or drug or alcohol or tobacco addition.

You can find out if your child is putting in adequate efforts for his school or day dreaming or reading fiction instead of text book when he/she goes out to other places like library or friend’s house.

You can find out if he/she is in love with some one and if it is love or flirting or infatuation.

You can marry your child with the person who is most compatible with him/her and the family.

You can help your child to choose the best career or business option.

You can choose the most appropriate candidate for the job or designation in your business.

You can find out about credit-worthiness of your customers – reliability of your suppliers – loyalty and integrity of your employees and partners in business and marriage.

You can choose the honest, hard working, and loyal domestic worker/help.

You can choose the best quality vegetables, packaged food, and design the most healthy diet plans and menu for your family.

You can find out if the food-stuff is adulterated or contaminated or decomposed or infected EVEN BEFORE opening the seal of the container.

You can choose the most suitable cosmetics and toiletaries to avoid skin allergies to unknown chemicals and to enhance the natural health and beauty of your body as a whole as also of your skin, hair and face.

You can find out your suitable or un-suitable gem stones and colours.

You can find out who is your real friend – who is your adversary – who provides merely lip service.

You can select the most appropriate bargain (Value-For-Money) in purchase of items like Television, Washing Machine, Air-Conditioners, Motor Cars, etc.

You can use Pendulum Querying System to diagnose the root cause of your allergies, ailments, dis-orders, and choose the best doctor and treatment from out of the host of conventional and alternative health care Systems.

You can treat yourself and your family for most of the ailments and dis-orders for which one keeps going to the doctor throughout his/her life, and takes highly toxic and harmful sedatives, tranquilizers, pain-killers or anti-spasmodics, or anti-biotics, or anti-pyratics, or anti-allergics, or anti-histamines, or anti-deprresants, or similar drug formulations, day in and day out – virtually for the rest of his/her life, for any of the chronic or acute or so-called incurable conditions like :- allergies, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, diabetes, obesity, flu and fevers, viral and bacterial infections, colitis, piles, colds and coughs, chronic fatigue syndromes, depression, schizophrenia, mood dis-orders, insomnia, sinusitis, etc.

Yes – dowsing does result in expansion of awareness of the dowser. Questions like: who am I? Where have I come from? What is the purpose of my life? Am I doing what I need to do for the fulfillment of my life purpose? What is my happiness and harmony index? Which form of meditation is best for me? Can be answered by an experienced dowser using Pre-Energized Pendulum Querying System in the most reliable and convincing manner for the benefit of anyone who is not afraid to know the truth.

Nothing is devoid of spiritual energy. Spirit means and is in different Energy Forms. When one energy system (formless) is admixed with or covered by another not fully compatible energy form/s – e.g. pure (formless) energy, with coverings of mind (thought forms), and matter (physical form) – this energy configuration or system must reach the Solar System where it can assume the form, within which it can keep conscious, or remain kinetic. Mind and body are also energy forms having somewhat lower or different attenuation. So awareness of physical form cannot result without awareness of thought forms and awareness of thought forms cannot result without awareness of the formless pure energy nucleus (often called the soul).

The human knowledge about the 3 dimensional (physical) creation is limited by awareness through his 10 faculties of sense and action. These faculties when directed outward through the 10 organs of sense and action associates with the external Energy Force Field of other Energy Systems to obtain knowledge about the creation. This knowledge is incomplete and distorted by vested self interests, prejudices, and dogmas. This knowledge is further limited by the inherent capacity of the physical organs to interact with one another. E.g. if one is colour blind he cannot see colours. Or if one has damaged his eyesight he cannot see light.

Similarly when one is suffering from any physical or mental ailment or dis-order, then he cannot experience even the ordinary experiences of life. E.g. when one has fever, his sensory currents recede and his taste buds amongst other faculties become weak. This results in the person having fever not finding the usual sweet taste in sweet foods.

When there is toxicity in the System the sensory currents emanating from the energy nucleus (soul) recedes rendering the body and mind to become weak, is a common everyday experience. During sleep this phenomena is evident. When a person has interacted with external inputs of other Energy Systems throughout the day, he feels tired and sleepy. This is because he undergoes energy depletion as a result of such interactions.

When he sleeps, his energy nucleus which is kinetic at the heart center (in human form) recedes inward and upward to throat center, rendering his physical body unconscious. He sees dreams in this state as his mind (subtle body) is still kinetic. When his energy nucleus further recedes inward and upward to the third eye level, even his mind becomes unconscious. Now he is in deep sleep and he has no knowledge or perceptions of either the physical or the subtle body.

When chloroform or similar toxic chemicals are introduced within the Energy System, the result is similar. I.e. the mind and body become unconscious. Any severe mental or physical trauma brings about similar unconsciousness.

By Pendulum Dowsing these physical, mental and spiritual behaviours can be studied and understood very clearly.

A dowser obtains the same benefit during dowsing as he obtains during meditation. The process or energy movements in both dowsing and meditation are similar in nature and effect. The objective of meditation is to subdue the mind and surrender his ego and free will to The God and the Supreme Will. This results in a gradual shift in the location of the energy nucleus to higher regions of energy leading ultimately to its merger into the Supreme Being.

While dowsing – the dowser surrenders his own will to the Supreme Being – through the Pendulum. Instead of choosing his options by using only his mind and intellect, based on incomplete information, and the force of his own desires, he chooses his best option by retrieving complete information, and decides on the basis of what is in his best interest, rather than what is his strongest desire.

Thus regular Pendulum Dowsing gradually changes the patterns of behaviour of the dowser and helps in progressing inwardly towards the Supreme Being.

Pendulum Dowsing leads to spontaneous harmony and happiness in the life of the dowser as also his network of associations or connections. Dowser can spontaneously and effortlessly follow the path of virtue and stay away from sins. Dowser is always aware of the true nature of reality and does not get fooled by the apparent reality, which is seldom true. If the apparent reality was mostly true, we would not witness or experience cheating, fraud, unhappiness and pain, so frequently in our lives.

There are no rituals or restrictions to be observed by a Pendulum Dowser. He simply needs to be an average person of ordinary intelligence and common sense who knows his purpose and wishes to make intelligent and informed choices in life rather than taking haphazard or blind decisions. He needs to be an honest person who largely lives or endeavours to live his/her life in harmony and in mutual interest with others.

There are rules of Pendulum Practice however which are similar to User Instructions pertaining to Motor Cars or Computer Systems. It lets you know how to obtain the best results and the usual do and don’ts that are peculiar to each System.

e.g. one must avoid to use Pendulum Querying System near a strong electro-magnetic System. One must avoid to use Pendulum Querying System when extremely tired or upset or angry. One must use Pendulum Querying System to help anyone without hurting anyone.

One of my dowsing student’s aunt was suffering from skin allergy for a long time. No medicine worked. We dowsed to find the root cause of the skin condition to discover that some furniture in her house was causing the allergic reaction. The furniture had extremely Negative Energy Force Field. The cause of this Negative Energy Force Field was dowsed and the information obtained indicated that the carpenter who had made it was not adequately or fully paid for his services. The amount short paid was only Rs. 300.

The aunt confirmed the discovery of Pendulum Querying System. Pendulum Querying System was again consulted for remedy. The suggested remedies were: either to find out that carpenter and pay him his dues with respect or in case he could not be located then to donate the amount to some poor and needy person/s.

Within 15 days of locating and settling the dues of the carpenter, the skin condition of the aunt had improved by almost 80% and gradually got cured WITHOUT any treatment of any health care system.

Over 500 business organizations were helped through pendulum energy analysis system in turning around from loss making to profit making establishments. Services offered includes:- employee selection and evaluation, product evaluation, competition strength, identification of products and markets, security lapses, crime detection, recovery of stolen goods, etc.

We have trained over 400 students (many who had initially joined to improve their health) in the practice of cosmopathy i.e. pyramid energy systems and pendulum energy research and information management systems. Many of these students are helping others in their respective areas.

The students come from varied fields like, engineers, doctors of modern medicine, energy healers, senior managers from hospitality industry, hrd managers of large corporations etc

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Real Estate: A client from Delhi (Whom I had never met before) came to me for treatment of depression. His cause of tension was his inability purchase a new house and the necessity to vacate the present house.
He informed that he had short listed some properties but he was unable to conclude any deal. He wanted me to select one of the short listed properties which was most suited to him and which he could negotiate within his budget.

The property identified by me through Pendulum Querying (Dousing) turned out to be his first choice. `But that Land Lord is not keen to sell’, he said to me, `as the land-lord has been increasing the selling price every time I accept his offer price.’

I checked with the Pendulum over the name of the Land lord written on a slip of paper by my client, and found that the land lord was not revising the price but the broker was misguiding the client.

I asked my client if he had personally heard the landlord quote any price. His answer was in the negative. I asked my client to meet the landlord personally and offer a price between 50-55 lakh and give him an advance of Rs. 1 lakh the moment the landlord agreed to a negotiated price.

Within three days the client called me to inform that the deal was struck for Rs. 52 Lakh and all was set.

Diagnosis: One patient came to me with a complaint of severe pain in his abdomen and asked if PyrAmid © treatment could heal his Appendicitis within 24 hours.

I informed him that i would ascertain whether he really had appendicitis or not. He said that he has already got his X-Ray and ultrasound done and a senior surgeon has confirmed the diagnosis of Appendicitis, so he just wanted to know if PyrAmid © could give him relief within 24 hours, else he had to undergo an emergency surgery.

My pendulum informed me that he did not have a problem of appendicitis but had a slight inflammation in the liver.

The patient was obviously not comfortable with my diagnosis. So I suggested him to consult another surgeon without informing him of the earlier diagnosis. He did accordingly and on the same day another surgeon took his X-Ray and Ultrasound and prescribed surgical removal of Kidney Stones, stating that his appendix was normal.

The patient now agreed to take PyrAmid © treatment and was relieved of acute pain within 2 hours and after 30 days he was completely fit and fine. After one month, his brother-in-law, an army doctor posted at Hydrabad came to know of this incident and could not believe it. He took the patient to the Army Hospital and repeated all tests and compared with the earlier tests. He found that Appendix was alright in all three test reports and his liver in fact was slightly inflamed earlier and was healed by now. He stated that only a very seasoned and qualified doctor could have made the diagnosis of Liver Disorder and he could not understand how a Pendulum Queryist (Douser) could make the correct diagnosis whereas two qualified surgeons had made wrong diagnosis.

Such experiences are almost an everyday matter in the clinic work whereas diagnosis is made using a Pendulum and treatment of all dis-orders is given using PyrAmid © Energy devices.