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Wooden Energizing Plates(set of 3)

Stress Fatigue Mgmt System

Know Compatibility Without Meeting

For premises upto 100 square feet area

Stone Kalash

CS: Minimize Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Energy Roller for Instant Relief

Focus of Attention – for Adults

Focus of Attention – for Children

Health Mattress

Highly polarised book marks

Highly Polarized Pyramid Energy Stickers for Cellular

Polarized Energy Stickers for Computer Screens

Meditation Mat

Pyramid Energized Soap

Pyramid Protection (SURAKSHA KAVACH)

Smoking Tobacco De-Tox System

Stone Plate – 3 (set of 3)

Stone Plate – 4 (set of 9)

For premises upto 3000 square feet area

Pyramid Vastu, Feng-Shui, Correction/Healing

Meditation Program

Yin Yang Healing Energy Disc – 1 set

Yin Yang Healing Energy Disc

Stainless steel pyramid

For premises upto 2000 square feet

Crystal Glass Pendulum

Masters Kit:Pendulum Dowsing

Meditation Program

Milk Energy Analysis System

Pendulum Holder

Pendulum Querying System (Vastu Kit)


Aluminum Pyramid with Base

Cosmic-Rock to minimize anger

Glass Shree-Yantra