Meditation Program (1 Day)

/Meditation Program (1 Day)
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Meditation Program

Contribution: Rs. 7500.00

In this meditation program your several queries like:

  • Purpose of Life
  • Why Meditation?
  • How to meditate?
  • Where to meditate?
  • When to meditate?
  • Obstacles in Meditation.
  • Why our Mind resists Meditation?
  • The constituents of mind.
  • How to regulate our mind.
  • Can the debt of “Karma” be redeemed by indulging in “Karma”?
  • How Meditation results-in elimination of “karmic-debts” ?
  • Why our “Karmic-Debts” doesn’t get redeemed up-on death?
  • Why Meditation can-be done only in Human-Form?
  • Why Human-Form is regarded to-be the most Supreme-Form?
  • What is sleep? Why do we sleep? Why do we feel tired at the end of the day?
  • Why do we wake-up feeling tired-sleepy on some-days?
  • Why do we wake-up feeling fresh-energetic on some-days?
  • What is the difference between Meditation, Death and Deep-Sleep?

Plus you’ll be provided with a Kit which includes:

Pre-Energized PyrAmid © Health Kit, Meditation Mat and Personal Training. Also Includes Energy Treatment / Clearing of Chakras for reaching higher levels.