Negative people can drain your energy- How?

/Negative people can drain your energy- How?

Negative people can drain your energy- How?

Negative people can drain your energy, here’s how.

Those who study and practice the law of attraction will tell you that like terms attract like terms.  Therefore if you are happy and full of joy, you attract more joy and happiness in your life.  However, you might find yourself in the company of people who are always negative. If you spend much of your time with such people, you give them an opportunity to spread the venom to you. Some psychologists prefer to call them toxic people or vampires. I advise you to stay away from them. This is how they drain your energy.

Feeding on your energy

Negative people do to you exactly what a parasite does to their hosts. They feed on your positive energy until you have no energy left leaving you exhausted and dull. The smile on your face disappears not because of what happens to you but because of your encounter with negative individuals. Scientists tell us that this kind of energy exchange has an ability to completely drain your psychological well being. The effect it has on the brain is scientifically strange. While a positive person looks at a situation from a solution point of view, a negative person gives it a problematic point of view. “Emotional Vampires” is a metaphor that some psychologists use to refer to this category of people and I would say that it best fits them. This is a group of people whose, attitude, action and words don’t put a smile on your face but frowns and more frowns.

Infecting you with negativity

Other than just feeding on your positive energy, the “vampires” also inject negativity into your soul. I will give you an example. There exists those friends who keep complaining about their situations and do very little to change the situation and therefore they remain in a constant circle of complaints. When they share their sad stories with you, you get emotional too, your state of mind shifts from positive to negative within the first few minutes of interaction with the “emotional vampire”. The vibrant positive energy in you suddenly disappears and you remain bare just like the “parasite”.  In a work environment, these kinds of people can affect not only your productivity. It is definitely not easy to maintain a positive attitude in such an environment is the negative impact is mental. Our brain will produce oxitocin hormone that keeps you in a happy state in the absence of the “vampires”. When you have the negative people around you, your brain engages a reverse gear to start producing stress hormone. You might have a way of dealing with your own issues without holding negativity in you but when you have an encounter with a negative person, the negative energy transfers to you as well hence draining your happiness. You might not have done any works during the day but frowning along makes one feel like they have carried huge loads all day long.

Here is an easy way of keeping yourself in a happy state all day long. Simply avoid the negative people and engage with those who rekindle your positive energy in you. Do not let the “vampires and parasites” drain you down for a positive mind attracts positive occurrences and circumstances. Talk to our expert Mr Kirti Betai for more tips with Cosmopathy instruments which will keep you away from all kinds of negativities. 

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