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Purpose of Life

When you go to your office, you know your agenda. When you go on a holiday, you are aware whether you will swim or surf or ride a horse or gamble.

If you didn’t know the purpose, you could hardly do anything in the office [except for routine] or on a holiday.

Similarly, your real purpose of life, i.e. your advent upon this Earth, if unknown to you, then you can do nothing for the fulfillment thereof.

If you don’t do anything for the fulfillment of the purpose for which you are here, upon this Earth, then there can be no pleasure [happiness] in life.

That brings us to the question: What is happiness?

Some say that: Happiness is a state of mind. True, happiness indeed is a state of mind, but without knowing what is happiness and how to attain that state of mind, you cannot have that state of mind.

Happiness is not at the end of the journey, it’s along the way; some say. But what is the destination of your journey, you cannot undertake a journey, for the sake of a journey, without a purpose [destination]. Even trekkers are going to some pre-determined destination, at the end of trekking, where they would camp.

So knowledge is happiness [pleasure] and ignorance is un-happiness [pain]. In another view, harmony between two or more similar minded persons is pleasure; and dis-harmony is pain.

Thus when two or more harmonious persons inter-act with each other, they will experience pleasure; and inter-action between two or more dis-harmonious persons will be perceived as pain.

Similarly, when two or more harmonious persons separate from each other, they will experience pain; and when two or more dis-harmonious persons separate, they will feel relieved [experience pleasure].

So, when a person eats something which he relishes, he/she will feel pleasure, because two harmonious energies have interacted i.e. the frequency of the food eaten matches the frequency of the taste buds in the tongue of the person are in harmony [similar].

Thus, when our actions are in harmony with the purpose for which we have come upon this Earth, we will be happy; else we will be in pain. How can our actions be in harmony with the purpose of our life, if we don’t know the purpose of our life?

You may be an engineer, doctor, lawyer, business-man etc. – Think: Did you take birth to make/repair machines, build dams etc.? Did you take birth to treat patients? To defend/prosecute? To buy/sell products? These activities cannot be the real purpose for which you have come here. These are activities which became necessary, having come here for some other purpose.

Let us examine what that other purpose can be:

Our physical body, mind and spirit force are energies having dis-harmony with each other, and thus our existence here is upon the foundation of pain. That is the reason why we see most people across the world are in pain [unhappy] most of the time. Nothing brings about content and without content, the state of mind cannot be happy.

So it is eminently clear that separation of physical body, from the mind/soul can bring about pleasure/happiness, because separation of two or more dis-harmonious persons/things/energies brings about pleasure.

So the purpose of life is to separate body/mind/soul from each other. The way to achieve this purpose is by practicing internal spiritual meditation. When this is done for even just 1-3 months, one would become aware about what brings about pleasure/happiness.

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