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1. Energy cannot remain dormant.

2. Energy Spontaneously becomes Active and Kinetic by radiating Energy Particles in waves form.

3. The radiating pole is known as the positive pole.

4. Simultaneously a Negative pole comes into existence which receives back the radiated Energy Waves.

5. Positive can’t exist without Negative in the Physical World.

6. Energy can exist without the Physical Body but the Physical Body can not exist without the energy.

7. Some of the radiated Energy particles got attached with less pure Energy Particles as a result of the Interactions.

8. These attached Energy Particles could not return back into the supreme source of energy because of the attachment with impure Energy and became unconscious due to the energy depletion following disharmonious Interactions.

9. There can be no perception of happiness is an unconscious state.

10. These attached Particles had to be made Conscious Active and Kinetic so that they can also enjoy the happiness of which they were potentially capable.

11. These attached Particles were sent down to a level where it can assume a physical body which it can make Conscious Active and Kinetic.

12. Thus different life forms came into existence.

13. Each attached Particle was given a free will and an Aadi Karma (pre-destiny) or the purpose of life.

14. As a necessary consequence, these Energy Particles lost the memory of the past after the descent.

15. To awaken these Energy Particles saints and incarnations have been coming from time to time in the form of Sant Sat Guru or Guides or Saints with a limited life time agenda of 1000 life times.

16. It’s the prime duty of the guides to totally dedicate to the fulfilment of the Prime Purpose of their lives i.e. helping others who have come for their own Moksha by setting an example of their own lives and Karma.

17. After becoming aware of the purpose of the life, if a guide neglects the fulfilment of the same, or indulges in activities that result in Energy Depletion, then it may have to extend the number of life times beyond 1000


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